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Week of July 21, 2014

For your consideration as a potential book for review. . .

Trust Nobody by Steven Love


Trust Nobody by Steven Love
This Milwaukee-based story is a gritty street tale that depicts the life of a street hustler, Terry Davis a/k/a Bricks. Bricks takes the fall for one of his main suppliers and ends up spending time in prison. Gone but not forgotten by his loyal comrade, Will, Bricks comes home to a promise that was made to him and ,of course, street ethics made sure that the promise was kept.

Now back to business, this time he wants to stop at nothing to reach the top. His long-term girlfriend was the first to cross him though. After having his baby and pretending to be by his side, he finds that when he comes home she is sleeping with the enemy.

His brother who goes by the street name Phool, and lives out his name well, becomes a vigilante and takes matters into his own hands, wreaking havoc on any and every one in his way.

Terry Davis was raised in a normal urban family setting: A loving mother and a father that did what he had to do to put a meal on the table, a younger brother Michael whose intent was to be the next Michael Jordan, and a middle brother who felt the love was divided unequally in the home. His dreams of following in his father's footsteps quickly become overshadowed with a change of heart after losing the woman he loved, but somehow someway, like many guys who choose the streets as a source of revenue, he got into deep....Making more connections that played for keeps.

Find out through the pages of this hardcore novel, if a man's word is really his world...or if the title Trust Nobody--means what it says.

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