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The African American Church:  Waking Up to God's Missionary Call

The African American Church:
Waking Up to God's Missionary Call

by Rev. Dr. Leonidas A. Johnson


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ISBN: 0878083480
Yr Published: Oct. 2006
Publisher: William Carey Library


About this Book

In the pages of this book, Rev. Dr. Leonidas A. Johnson eloquently shares how God's missionary call, like an aromatic stew, has been simmering within the African American church. According to him, "The African American church will play a critical role in spreading the gospel message to people groups living in areas of the world that represent the last strongholds and citadels of satanic power attempting to stop God's Mission."

"In this book, Dr. Johnson...explores the strategic possibility of the African American church partnering with Ethiopian missionaries to reach Arabia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
     - Rev. Ivor J. Duberry, President, African American Center for World Mission, Pasadena, CA.

"Too often the media misses out on the great positive potential of so many committed Christians now at last overcoming the manifest injustices and prejudices of the past, which hindered involvement in God's plan for His people. May God indeed awaken the huge giant of the African American church to a vision for the whole unevangelized world!"
    - Patrick Johnstone, Author, Operation World