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The President's Parasite by Jim Musgrave
In The President's Parasite, Jim Musgrave resurrects all that has gone missing in today's literature: originality. The title story is a Kafkaesque piece from the point-of-view of an intellectual tapeworm trapped inside a moronic president, and the satirical impact is worthy of Swift. The other stories range from a widower trapped inside the Clock Tower in Baghdad that he constructed, to a baseball pitcher who becomes a living vegetable after a batted ball strikes his head. All in all, there is something for everyone in this collection of 30 eye-popping stories from a truly gifted author.

Praise for The President's Parasite
"Stephen King commented in one of his books–sorry I don’t remember which one–that the popularity of short story compilations has lost favor with contemporary readers, and I guess he should know. If that is indeed the case, I would ask that you make an exception and consider reading Jim Musgrave’s The President’s Parasite and Other Stories as this is an exceptional book–contemporary, insightful, poignantly honest–a glimpse into the down- or back-side of life."
      --Kaye Trout's Book Reviews

"Jim Musgrave is a talented writer with brilliant ideas.  His writing shows he is an educated man and very well-rounded.  He can talk freely about religion, politics and worldwide events with a vast knowledge.  Moreover, his short stories will make you think and laugh.  I really enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get a good laugh at the world around us."
      -- Manuela Pop,
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"As an author, Musgrave exhibits two extraordinarily developed qualities: sharpness of perception, and vivid depiction of human characters.  One feature binding all the stories in The President's Parasite is the urge to realize where the problem lies and the need to work out how to tackle it. In this sense, these stories are a practical guide to wise judgment and use of one's brains."
      --Ernest Dempsey, TCM Reviews


About the Author

An award-winning writer and journalist, Jim Musgrave has been both a semi-finalist and a finalist in the Heekin Foundation Award for Fiction, a panel member at the San Diego State Annual Writer's Conference, a Panel Member at the First Annual ReBA-Con 2000 in San Francisco. Musgrave has published four novels and one short story collection through CiC Publishers:  Sins of Darkness, Russian Wolves, Lucifer’s Wedding and Iron Maiden.  His short fiction has appeared in many literary magazines, including: Stone Magazine, San Diego Writer’s Monthly, California Quarterly, and online at and Ramble Underground.  He also published The Digital Scribe:  A Writer's Guide to Electronic Media (Harcourt Brace, 1996).  He lives in San Diego with his wife, Ellen, and they both teach college English courses.


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