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Pheralyn Dove

Author of Color in Motion

Author Photo Pheralyn Dove is a graduate of Hampton University, where she received a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Media Arts.   She pursues a writing life that overlaps poetry, playwriting, journalism and other forms.  As a journalist, she has traveled nationally and internationally, in pursuit of more than 2,000 newspaper articles she has written and published, having interviewed such luminaries as Oprah Winfrey, Bryant Gumbel, Gwendolyn Brooks, Patti LaBelle and James Baldwin.  Dove's book of poetry, Color in Motion is a painterly presentation of free verse that includes a foreword by drumming legend Max Roach.

Dove studied poetry and creative writing under Professor Sonia Sanchez at Temple University's Pan African Studies Community Education Program.  Today, she is honored to teach in the very same program.  As a spoken word artist, Dove often performs with musicians, having collaborated with the likes of reedman Byard Lancaster, bassist Tyrone Brown and saxophonist Odean Pope.  She has been featured at the University of Pennsylvania's Institute for Contemporary Art.

Color in Motion: A Book of Poetry

by Pheralyn Dove



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ISBN: 0967429307
Publisher: Axis Publications
Yr Published: Sept. 2001
About this Book

From the Publisher

Color In Motion," published by Axis Publications, is a book of poetry by Pheralyn Dove, which features a foreword by drumming legend Max Roach and an introduction by Jeffrey W. Jackson. This retrospective evokes visceral reactions. The diverse scope of material ranges from low-down dirty blues to tropical odysseys to love poems.