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Week of September 4, 2006

For your consideration as a potential book for review. . .

TRIPPIN’ by Michelle Buckley brought to you by Carl Weber’s Urban Books


I’m Michelle Buckley, the author of Bulletproof Soul and I’d like to introduce you to the characters in my latest novel, Trippin’.


Darryn is an accountant with a dedicated wife and a few jaw-dropping habits.
Madetra is a doctor trying to give back to her community who is caught in a bind.
E'an is a psychiatrist in need of therapy who is crazier than his clients.
Kaylantra is a stripper and Madetra’s twin--always striving for that Almighty Dollar.

Finesse is a t.v. anchor that’s too fine and too arrogant for his own good.
Destanie is a t.v. producer with an obsession--a restraining order waiting to happen.

Gerald is a massage therapist with a dream who desires someone out of his league.


As these individuals come together to form a travel club, their trips turn out to be more than they bargained for.  They quickly discover they ALL have baggage and they realize the travel club isn’t going to be what they originally thought.  From skiing in the mountains to a nude beach vacation ... and trips everywhere in between, this urban travel club cuts loose, gets buck wild and vows to enjoy the best life has to offer.  But things get crazy during a Las Vegas trip where envy, lust, lies, betrayal, greed and emotions EXPLODE.  For this group, their secrets are as deep and twisted as the road is long -- which isn’t a good thing, since there is a blackmailer and killer among them.  And when travel club members start dying off -- everyone starts questioning their safety and their sanity!  These folks are Trippin’ -- so sit back and enjoy the literary ride. 


4 Stars.  I was surprised to find a mystery jam-packed with sex, deception, surprises and murder and was pleased with the twisted tone of Trippin'. -- Crystal (Nardsbaby) “Connoisseur of the written word" -- OOSA Online Book Club


5 Stars.  Trippin' is an entertaining, suspenseful, page turner that is definitely worth a trip to your bookstore. -- Radiah Hubbert,


5 Stars.  Trippin’ is the perfect blend of mystery, suspense, betrayal, and drama.  It grabs your attention and draws you in as the identity of the killer will shock and surprise you!

-- Shay C., PeoplewholoveGoodBooks Online Book Club


Contact me, Michelle Buckley, to obtain a review copy of my book at the e-mail address below or at 816-966-1170. 


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