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The Great Investment: Faith, Family and Finance

The Great Investment: Faith, Family and Finance

by T.D. Jakes


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ISBN: 0425183459
Yr Published: March 2002
Publisher: Putnam Publishing
PAPERBACK Pages: 224
About this Book

From the Publisher

In Faith, Family, and Finance, Bishop Jakes shares with readers the formula for success in every area of life. With wisdom and clarity, he presents practical, Biblically-based principles that will help everyone achieve their full potential. He explains that the triad of faith, family, and finance is the cornerstone of a life of moral success-success base upon God's plan.

Faith is the foundation of all that we want to achieve. Faith acts as a compass, guiding us on our journey to ultimate fulfillment. It gives direction in a chaotic world, and gives credence to that which is beyond human comprehension. Bishop Jakes explores the impact faith can have in healing cultural inequities and restoring quality of life to those whose history has caused them some setbacks. He asserts that setbacks are only setups for God to show Himself strong.

Family is the anchor, keeping us grounded, supporting us and allowing us to stay focused. Our immediate family, our community, our culture-all play a part in shaping who we are and what we do. A healthy family sustains us while giving meaning to all our endeavors.

Finally, but no less crucial, Finance is the often misunderstood factor in the equation for success. Finance is the vessel that brings us to our destination-enabling us to go from where we are to where we want to be. Bishop Jakes removes the veil from this oft-neglected topic-showing that not only is it not profane to focus on this area, it is essential. Rather than ignore finance in our spiritual life, Bishop Jakes shows us that God has called on His people to prosper and to use financial resources to spread His message and accomplish our dreams.

T. D. Jakes wants to empower every man and woman. With this new book, he provides the tools so that we can all chart a course for success and accomplish all that God has promised us. This is truly a book for our time.