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Sanford & Son: Time First Season  DVD

Sanford & Son: Time First Season  DVD

With Redd Foxx

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Product Code: 0433960942
Released: 2002
DVD Pan & Scan

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This set contains items which may be available separately:

Sanford and Son: A Matter of Life and Breath
Sanford and Son: A Pad for Lamont
Sanford and Son: Coffins for Sale
Sanford and Son: Crossed Swords
Sanford and Son: Happy Birthday, Pop
Sanford and Son: Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Bride
Sanford and Son: The Barracuda
Sanford and Son: The Copper Caper
Sanford and Son: The Great Sanford Siege
Sanford and Son: The Piano Movers
Sanford and Son: The Return of the Barracuda
Sanford and Son: The Suitcase Case
Sanford and Son: TV or Not TV
Sanford and Son: We Were Robbed

For producer Norman Lear, 1971's groundbreaking All in the Family was a tough act to follow. But sometimes when you're hot, you're en fuego, as Lear's Sanford and Son proved one year later in January 1972. Like All in the Family, a comedic vehicle addressing controversial social issues, Sanford and Son remade Britain’s Steptoe and Son, focusing on a father-and-son duo selling junk in Watts, Los Angeles. Funnyman Redd Foxx shines in virtually every episode as the inimitable Fred Sanford -- whether he’s calling his son Lamont (Demond Wilson) a "big dummy" or locking horns with his holy-rolling, acerbic-tongued sister-in-law Esther (LaWanda Page). Sanford has been called an African-American version of Archie Bunker, and in many ways they’re kindred spirits, both bubbling over with racist and sexist pronouncements but somehow coming across as endearing lugs just the same. Sanford and Son (which NBC carried for five seasons) was the first in a line of successful African-American comedies for Lear, who later developed Good Times and The Jeffersons. This handsome two-disc set collects the 14 first-season episodes and is a must-have for fans of television’s favorite (if only by default) family of junk sellers.

  • "Crossed Swords" -- Lamont takes a porcelain figurine to an auction house and builds the price to $1,500 before Fred outbids everyone and later ends up breaking the piece.

  • "Happy Birthday, Pop" -- Lamont takes Fred out for his 65th birthday but, after a night on the town during which Fred complains about everything, leaves him in the rain with $5.

  • "Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Bride" -- Lamont's fiancée leaves him at the altar, but her family decides to reclaim their presents anyway. Lamont eventually takes off for his honeymoon vacation with Fred.

  • "The Copper Caper" -- Lamont buys a bundle of copper, even though Fred urges him not to. It turns out that it had been stolen from Fred's neighborly friend Goldstein -- and the Sanfords are the copper thief’s next target.

  • "A Matter of Life and Breath" -- After Lamont and Fred take advantage of the free test offered by a Breathmoblie, Fred becomes convinced that he has tuberculosis.

  • "We Were Robbed" -- Fred breaks Lamont’s porcelain, then covers his clumsiness by proclaiming a robbery and turns into a boastful hero cited for bravery.

  • "A Pad for Lamont" -- After Fred continually interrupts Lamont’s dates, he moves out to pursue the life of a swinging bachelor.

  • "The Great Sanford Siege" -- When the Sanfords are late on their bills, it takes a great acting job from Fred to prevent the collection agency from repossessing their property.

  • "Coffins for Sale" -- Lamont buys two coffins at an auction, sparking Fred’s superstitious side.

  • "The Barracuda" -- Fred’s proposal of marriage to the widow Donna Harris prompts Lamont’s objections.

  • "TV or Not TV" -- Fred wants a color television and Lamont wants a car, but they can't afford both. Lamont gets the car, but Fred ends up in the hospital with amnesia.

  • "The Suitcase Case" -- When Lamont finds a suitcase full of money, he and Fred get a surprise visit from the disgruntled crook, setting the stage for a dramatic rescue by officers Smitty and Swanny.

  • "The Return of the Barracuda" -- Fred and Donna reconcile their differences and are once again planning to wed.

  • "The Piano Movers" -- A great deal on a grand piano finds Lamont and Fred lodged in the apartment of a wealthy eccentric.