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The Jeffersons: The Complete First Season

The Jeffersons: The Complete First Season

with Sherman Hemsley

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Product Code: 0433960948
Released: 2005
Running Time: 338 mins
About this Item

  • "A Friend in Need" -- Now that they're in their new high-rise apartment, George insists that Louise hire a maid, but she’s totally against the idea.

  • "George’s Family Tree" -- Tom and Helen Willis give Louise and George a piece of African art as a housewarming gift, which leads to a discussion of roots and prompts George to discover his own family tree.

  • "Louise Feels Useless" -- Louise is having a hard time getting used her new wealthy lifestyle and the boredom that comes along with it, so she tries to talk George into letting her go back to work.

  • "Lionel the Playboy" -- Lionel's new affluence and carefree attitude lead him to consider dropping out of college.

  • "Mr. Piano Man" -- George’s participation in a tenants' meeting becomes a nightmare when he reveals a hankering for a grand piano in his apartment.

  • "George’s Skeleton" -- An old friend of George's, Monk Davis, drops in after learning of George's newfound success.

  • "Lionel Cries Uncle" -- Louise’s Uncle Ward drops in for a visit; when George and Lionel find out that he’s a butler, they call him an "Uncle Tom."

  • "Mother Jefferson’s Boyfriend" -- George learns of Mother Jefferson's intention to get married and balks at the idea, thinking her fiancÚ is after the family's money.

  • "Rich Man’s Disease" -- A doctor says that George has an ulcer, and Louise tries to do everything to prevent George from becoming upset.

  • "Former Neighbors" -- George has a potential client coming over for dinner, and he’s afraid that Louise’s friends will embarrass him.

  • "Like Father, Like Son" -- Louise becomes concerned that Lionel is acting more and more like his father. Meanwhile, Tom and Helen are at odds when they back opposing candidates.

  • "Jenny’s Low" -- The Willis's globetrotting son surprises the family with a visit, and their daughter, Jenny, seems distinctly nonplussed.