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Daystar Guide to Colleges for African American Students: What You Need to Know to Choose the Right College

Daystar Guide to Colleges for African American Students

by Thomas Laveist


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ISBN: 0684859548
Publisher: Kaplan Books
Yr Published: July 2000
PAPERBACK Pages: 464
About this Book

From the Publisher

The college selection guides currently available today lack a useful range of schools and information of particular interest to African-American students. The DayStar guide is the only resource that contains comprehensive data on 400 schools, in-depth profiles on 100 four-year colleges, and expert advice from 600 African-American professionals in higher education. The college profiles and interviews with professionals address the key issues that African-American students must consider during the college selection and admissions process. Entries contain relevant information, such as:
  • The percentage of African-American students enrolled
  • The African-American graduation rate
  • The number and percentage of African-American faculty and staff
  • Whether a college has and African-American Studies department

Created by DayStar, a trusted research organization on contemporary African-American issues, this is an essential reference for all African-American college applicants.