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Beautiful Black Hair

Beautiful Black Hair:
Real Solutions to Real Problems

by Shamboosie


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ISBN: 0970222467
Yr Published: May 2002
Publisher: Amber Books
Pages: 254
About this Book

Finally, a book with answers to every question you have about your hair.   Real solutions that work!  Cutting edge information that takes the guesswork out of hair cae, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it and why.

Shamboosie is a 20-year veteran of the hair care industry and one of the country's leading hair designers/educators.  He is a former instructor of Advanced Hair Care Techniques, former platform artist, national styling team member.  He has been involved in research and testing of new hair care products.  As a color msater consultant with Clairol Professional, he participates in hair shows and studio events all over the country.  Throughout his career, Shamboosie has maintained a steadfast commitment to excellent and is the recipient of a "Quality Education Award" for outstanding leadership, commitment and dedication to the cosmetology industry.