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All That and a Bag of Chips

All That and a Bag of Chips

by Darrien Lee


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ISBN: 0971195307
Yr Published: Aug. 2001
Publisher: Strebor Books
About this Book

From the Publisher

Venice Taylor believes that her relationship with sexy football star, Jarvis Anderson, is unbreakable; especially since they have been intense lovers for almost four years. During that time, they experienced some unique events that drew them closer together than most couples their age. Jarvis and Venice have no choice but to trust that the love they share will withstand any challenge. Heading off to separate colleges would undoubtedly be a test of their undying love and fiery passion.

Even though they have agreed to see other people during college, Venice is not counting on falling in love with another man. That is, until drop dead gorgeous Craig Bennett, a Junior Architecture Major, enters her life like a hurricane. From the moment their eyes meet, Venice realizes that she is in trouble. Craig stirs feelings inside of her that she has only previously felt with Jarvis. Within weeks, Venice finds herself in a full-blown love affair. At the same time, she is hoping and praying that her secrets will not destroy her new relationship with Craig or cause Jarvis any undeserved pain.

Torn between the two most passionate men that she has ever met, Venice has to make a decision. But, at what cost?

About the Author

Darrien Lee, a native of Columbia, Tennessee attended Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee, which is where she picked up the love of writing. Her experiences on the college campus, was the inspiration for All That and A Bag of Chips, her first novel, published by Strebor Books Int’l. Majoring in Business Administration, she started out writing various works of poetry for her friends to help them “get the one they loved or get over the one they loved and lost.” She is a member of African American Authors Helping Authors.

It wasn’t until recently that Darrien began to take her writing serious after feeling unfulfilled with her present job at United Parcel Service. She found writing was the perfect setting which to unwind in while entertaining her friends.

Darrien lives in LaVergne Tennessee with her husband of 10 years and their two daughters. In her spare time she loves reading, sports and listening to jazz.