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The Black Diet Doctor's Solution For Black Women

The Black Diet Doctor's Solution For Black Women

by Robert S. Beale, Jr., M.D., and Lisa M. Beale


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ISBN: 0974630799
Yr Published: 2004
Publisher: The Diet Solutions, L.L.P.
About This Book

Weight is like hair - you are born with a certain type.

However, the type of hair you have determines the salon you go in.

Many Black women have been going in the wrong "salon" and listening to the wrong "stylist" for their weight.

The Black Diet Doctor's Solution For Black Women will show you how to choose the correct program for you to lose weight.

Robert S. Beale, Jr., M.D. has personally treated more Black women with weight issues than any other physician in the world. Until now, Dr. Beale’s methods and treatment philosophies have only been available to Black women in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Dr. Beale now offers all Black women, who suffer with obesity and who struggle to reach a healthy weight, a realistic solution for permanent weight loss success.

You will learn:

- Why your weight is not your fault.

- Why many popular diet and exercise plans do not work for Black Women.

- Why simply “eating healthy” may not get you to a healthy weight.

- How this is a two-step process: First you must “Eat to Lose” and second you must

   “Eat to Maintain."

- How to set milestones.

- How to manage hunger and cravings.

- How to overcome plateaus.

- How to deal with everyday life along your journey to a healthy weight.

The Solution includes:

- Food lists       

- Exercise plans

- Strategies

- Maintenance plans

- Meal plans

- Recipes