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The Product

The Product

by Marcus A. Parker


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ISBN: 1418462578
Yr Published: 2004
Publisher: AuthorHouse


About this Book

Are you the Product of a broken home?  Maybe you are the product of insecurity, negativity, or depression?  Regardless of your individual situation, you will be inspired and uplifted by words in this autobiographical/self help book. The Product tells the story of a young man battling his own adversity to try and reach goals in life. Filled with very interesting stories, famous quotes, and poetry, the author teaches us all how to look at the positive side of any situation we are facing and use our pain to help drive our progress.


Statistically, in America
It’s hard to be young and black
With so many of us locked away in jail
And so many strung out on crack

So many of us in poverty
Negativity on our minds
Battling unemployment
And contemplating crimes

High blood pressure and Diabetes
Our lives always at stake
Disgusted with our situations
Running from our fate

Uneducated, since we weren’t
Ever taught to get ahead
Just trying to live better than our peers
Who are locked away or dead

Always accustomed to negativity
Yet wishing for the day
That someone could come around us
With positive things to say

My life just seems so limited
As I look around I see
A handful of successful folks
But none that look like me

But there is hope, we will survive

Living better than before

We’ll learn to accept positivity
But negativity, we’ll ignore

We will learn to respect our elders
For they truly paid the price
For us to have the freedom
To live a better life

We will regain our sense of pride
In ourselves as well as our seed
And learn to put our faith in God
The formula to succeed

We will continue to persevere
To get where we belong
We’re THE PRODUCT of years of adversity
But it only made us strong

2004 Marcus A. Parker