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Becky Singleton's Just Like You VHS

Becky Singleton's Just Like You VHS

with Becky Singleton

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Product Code: 9999930076
Released: 1999
About this Item

Just Like You" Video Content:

  • 60 minute cardio and fat burning video

  • 35 minutes of low impact aerobics (segmented according to fitness level)

  • nutritional information

  • features all African American Women

  • simple multi-level choreography for beginners and intermediates

  • funky music extensive AB segment

  • a cool down segment a motivational segment

Being Happy, Healthy and Fit are goals that I strive to live everyday. It means finding away to balance the many challenges that life bestows on us. It includes; recognizing and accepting of ones own physical and inner beauty; embracing nutritious eating habits; understanding your family health history; welcoming and committing your body to movement; and lastly, continuous self-evaluation and self-improvement. The Becky Singleton's "Just Like You™" video is a guide to assist you to a healthy and safe way of attaining your fitness goals. It includes 4 essential elements: Cardio, Nutrition, Toning and Motivation.