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Gospel Stage Play DVD

TransParent DVD

by Ms. Michelle

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Cushcity Price: $19.99
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ISBN: 9999930433
Producer: Ms. Michelle
Release Date: June 2009
Length: Approx. 120 minutes
DVD Rated PG
About this stage play:
Find out what happens when a mother chooses her man over her son?

Tiffany White has a desperate desire that she has misconstrued to be a need. She believes that she needs a Man to be … not just her husband, but a father to her only son,  and that she alone, is not able to teach her son how to be a man.

In her desperate search, she meets Trevor, and he appears to be everything that she could have ever imagined. Has her dream finally come true? Trevor seems to have opened Tiffany up so much that she’s blinded by his charisma, charm and good looks that she never sees the true man behind the prince.
Because she thinks she has put out that insatiable fire and desire to find her man, Tiffany is totally unaware of the lies, deceit and wrong doing of Trevor not to another woman but to her seven year old son Ozell.
A forbidden relationship started by Trevor with Ozell would continue for years. Tracy (Tiffany’s sister) becomes aware of the abuse on her nephew and is determined to expose and defeat the beast that her sister calls a Prince. Now, Tiffany once on top of the world finds herself in a downward spiral.
TransPARENT is a real look at what blind love can do to anyone who wants something so badly that they can’t taste the grits for the cheese, with the truth right in front of them, even when it’s transparent. 

Find out what happens when a mother chooses her Man over her Son!

Ms. Michelle

Ronald Manning Jr.
Lloyd Jones
Leslie "CooCoo" Lucas
Stephanie Thompson
Amanda Williams
Gary McDorman
Ladonna Jackson
Karmen Parker