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Fulani Tribal Ties - Gold/Silver

Fulani Ties Gold/Silver

by Tribal Ties


CushCity Price: $17.50
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Designer: Tribal Ties
Product Code apptt00001
About this Product

Each one of these ties is hand cut and stitched, so no two ties will look exactly the same.  Each design comes with an attached card that tells what tribe or tribal area that inspired the design.  The neckwear is 56 inches in length, which is long enough for gentlemen 6'6" tall.  All ties are 100% silk with 100% wool interlining for body, shape and resilience.


The Fulani are a tall, elegant people whose origins are not totally certain. It appears that they migrated westward from Abyssinia over a millennia ago to countries like Mali and Senegal. Children are considered extremely important because the Fulani do not believe in an afterlife. A person lives on through his or her children. In Fulani custom, a person who dies never having children is said to have died twice.