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Africans in America Collection

Africans in America




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ISBN: ccafriamer
Yr Released: 1998
# of Tapes 4
About this Video

Rated NR

PBS Series from 1998.  Interviews with historians and luminaries such as General Colin Powell, dramatic re-creations of important events, and beautiful photography create a vivid and compelling story of over 400 years of tragedy. Ten million Africans died on the journey to America alone; they and the countless numbers whose lives were wasted in servitude find a voice in Angela Bassett's outstanding narration.

"However much black and white, slave and free, seem to be polar opposites, we must see them not only as interdependent, but as having a common story and necessarily sharing the same fate." -Nathan Huggins, Black Odyssey Everything you thought you knew about slavery is about to be challenged. Did you know only half of the over 20 million Africans kidnapped into slavery survived the torturous trip to the New World? That slaves were promised freedom to fight for Britain in the Revolutionary War? That many Europeans came to America as bonded labor? That a country founded on freedom justified the enslavement of human beings? Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery is the groundbreaking four-part series that makes history by sharing it from a new perspective. Nearly ten years in the making, this landmark six-hour film series exposes the truth through surprising revelations, dramatic recreations, rare archival photography and riveting first-person accounts. Africans in America helps define the reality of slavery's past through the insightful commentary of a wide range of voices including General Colin Powell, authors John Edgar Wideman and Barry Unsworth and leading scholars. Narrated by Academy Award-nominee Angela Bassett (Waiting to Exhale), it offers unparalleled understanding--from slavery's birth in the early 1600s through the violent onset of civil war in 1860