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Two Can Play that Game - DVD

Two Can Play That Game

with Vivica A. Fox

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List Price: $19.95
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Product Code: ccdvd07107
Release Date: Dec. 2001
Running Time: 91 minutes
About this Item

Rated R

Shante (Vivica A. Fox), a glamorous advertising executive, is a heroine to all her girlfriends. She's the one they turn to for relationship advice--Shante seems to have all the answers when it comes to romance and understanding men. So when she catches her boyfriend Keith (Morris Chestnut) seeing another girl, Shante will stop at nothing to win back his affections and her own pride. She decides to implement a 10-day plan to eliminate her competition and get her man to mend his cheating ways. As she puts her plan into action, she speaks directly to the camera, very analytically talking us through every trick in the relationship bag. Shante will "accidentally" run into Keith with a gorgeous Other Man; she''ll ignore his phone calls; she''ll even seduce him and then cruelly walk out before the deed is done. Problem is, Keith doesn''t fall for Shante''s games, and instead he gives her a taste of her own medicine. His friend Tony (Anthony Anderson), who is almost as strategic and savvy as Shante, is advising Keith behind the scenes.