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Rush Hour 2 -  DVD

Rush Hour 2 - DVD

Chris Tucker



List Price: $26.99
CushCity Price: $22.94
You Save: 15%
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ISBN: ccdvd54030
Release Date: Dec. 11, 2001
Running Time: 91 minutes
DVD Other Formats: VHS
About this Video

Rated PG-13

Chopsocky action star Jackie Chan reteams with motormouth Chris Tucker in this RUSH HOUR sequel as the mismatched cop duo investigate several bombings in Hong Kong attributed to Chinese gang leader Ricky Tan (John Lone) and assassin Zhang Ziyi, whose beautiful, balletic kick packs a head-ringing wallop. A fish out of water in exotic Hong Kong, Tucker talks his way into reams of trouble, saved time and again by Chan''s frantic fighting. Though the two detectives are taken off the bombing case, unpaid debts between Chan and the criminals lead the detectives back to the U.S. and into the middle of an international counterfeiting racket that only Chan and Tucker can expose.