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Mudear's Finest Herbal Teas

Mudear's Finest Herbal Teas

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ISBN: mdht001002
Availability: Ships 3 to 5 business days
Manufacturer: Mudear's Finest
10 Tea Bags  - $5.00

50-ct. Box - $22.50

Please put the desired blend in the comments section of the online invoice form
Mudear's Finest Herbal Teas

The origin of tea has been debated for years.   However, almost everyone agrees that the Chinese discovered this delightful drink between 3,000 and 5,000 years ago.  This universally popular drink didn't reach Western Europe or America until the 1600s a.d.  Today, tea is one of, it not the most popular drink in the world. 

The Chinese are credited for discovering herbal tea, which derived its origin from their medicines.  Many societies today continue to incorporate herbal teas into their daily routine for their health-enhancing properties.  In American, herbal tea has experienced a steady increase in popularity for the same reason, and can be found in many cities across the nation.

Mudear's Finest Herbal Teas contain many of the same ingredients found in herbal teas people drank years ago.  Our special blends provide relief to the body and the soul.  There is one major difference, however, between Mudear's Finest Herbal Teas and many you will find today in health food and herbal stores.  Our teas taste great!!!  We have gone to great lengths to create blends that are soothing to the soul yet tantalizing to the tongue.  You can also drink our teas hot or cold.   The choice is yours.    

Our herbal teas comes in two sizes (10 Tea Bags and 50-Ct.) and four blends.  All of the variety you will need to experience total satisfaction.  The Herbal Teas includes the following  blends:

  • Mildly Mint
  • Lemon Kiss
  • Green Tea
  • Green Tea Supreme

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