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Black Quest-The Griot
An African American History & Heritage Game on CD ROM

Black Quest - The Griot CD ROM

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Rediscovery Learning Works
About this Software

BLACK QUEST-THE GRIOT, an educational and heritage game that introduces and reinforces the experiences, achievements and contributions of  the African American  in an exciting and insightful CD ROM Format.  BLACK QUEST consists of a database of over 1,200 "Black History" entries in the form of multiple choice questions from 1492 to present. Providing a comprehensive  look into the "Black Experience" in America, in such areas as slavery, Revolutionary War, Reconstruction Era, Civil Rights
Movement, inventions, art, entertainment, sports and more.  All questions are stated in a manner that provides a means to learn, even if at first you do not know the answer.   Also, integrated into the BLACK
QUEST learning experience is a "Picture Gallery" of an on-going slide show of noteworthy African American related images.

By playing this game, the participants will gain a greater insight, understanding and knowledge regarding the African American heritage.  Challenge yourself  and others over and over again to achieve a higher
score and to learn more continually. Player(s) can customize the game parameters to vary the time to answer a question, name your team, and determine the number of sets you wish to play (each set is 25 questions)
and more.

Obtain your copy today of Black Quest, the most extensive learning tool that provides a fun way to learn African American history. Unmatched by any other product of this type. For IBM Compatible PCs.