NOVEMBER 2018 Edition

Oct. 24-26, 2019 12th Anniversary  ●  Fallbrook Church ● Houston, Texas

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Greetings from National Black Book Festival Headquarters:

The 2018 National Black Book Festival was a huge success! The featured authors were outstanding this year -- as always -- but so were all of the authors who participated and hailed from more than 25 different states. Besides the opportunity to network and sell books, the authors were able to take advantage of workshops, the Book Club Meet and Greet, the Black History Trivia Game, the Name That Author Game, and an Author Scavenger Hunt. There are several book clubs that make the National Black Book Festival a definite stop on their annual calendars, and they enjoyed meeting celebrity authors, newly published authors, and identifying new books to purchase and read. One attendee referred to the Festival as a "Book Reader's Heaven!"

We have already begun making preparations for the 2019 National Black Book Festival which will be our 12th anniversary. The following featured authors are already confirmed for 2019, and we will have several more to add to the roster:

Victoria Christopher Murray
ReShonda Tate Billingsley
Christine C. Jones
Tiffany Warren
Brandon Massey
Norma Jarrett
Joylynn Ross (a/k/a E. N. Joy)

Registration for the 2019 National Black Book Festival is now open. Register by Nov. 30th and your photo will be included on the NBBF website at no charge. After Nov. 30th there is an $89 photo fee and the registration rate increases. Your final payment of $175.00 will not be due until July 31st. We often sell out of vendor space a month or two in advance of the event, so be sure to put down your $50 deposit to secure your spot and get the cheapest rate. Authors: Register online here.

Book Clubs: Register early for the 2019 Book Festival by sending an email to You receive a FREE listing on the website and that lets authors know that your club members will be in attendance.

Black Authors Matter T-Shirts are available exclusively from the National Black Book Festival in sizes X-Small to 5XL. These t-shirts make great holiday gift items. Order your t-shirt online HERE:

The Sheraton North Houston will again be the host hotel for out-of-town travelers. Complimentary shuttle service will be provided by NBBF to and from the Sheraton to Fallbrook Church each day. Online hotel registration will be available by February 2019.

Our Children's Festival was a big hit and will be included again next year. It will be held on Saturday, Oct. 26th from 10:00 a.m. to Noon, where children's authors will provide readings, entertainment, and door prizes for children who attend. The coordinators of the Children's Festival are children's authors Pamela Jarmon-Wade, Shelita Anderson and Mary Evans. The Children's Festival is absolutely FREE to the public.

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Gwen Richardson

Therese Taylor Stinson

Rose Stiffin


Gwen Richardson

Devin Robinson


James Russell


d. E. Rogers


Gwen Richardson


The Literary Divas Book Club was in the house for NBBF

The Children's Festival was a big hit at NBBF.

NY Times Bestselling author, Eric Jerome Dickey, signs books at NBBF

Actress/author Kim Coles addresses the audience at NBBF


Dare to Ask God Why? by Greg Williams
Imagine the unimaginable. Nothing you can do will change anything. Your breath grows short, your jaw drops open, and your heart breaks from the inside out. Your faith takes a beating, despite the support and encouragement of those who love you. Even in the face of your fervent denial and anger, you are powerless. At last, you can’t do anything but accept the inevitable. But that’s not enough. Someone has to answer for what happened.

You’re invited to travel a deeply personal journey with Greg Williams as he dealt with a heart-wrenching turn of events that changed his life forever. In the midst of his trial just to endure, he reached a point where all he could do was Dare to Ask God Why. Learn for yourself how the answer he ultimately received was sufficient to keep him on the shaky path, not simply to recovery, but to healing action.

Available at Amazon here:

When Hearts Collide by Michelle Touro
After a tragic accident and devastating change in her career path, Lacey never imagined she would find herself utterly enthralled with a tall, dark, super sexy answer to her greatest fantasy. With Neo-Soul as her underscore, not only does Quentin offer a perfect opportunity for Lacey professionally, but he quickly becomes the new groove in her every step.

New Orleans has never been so steamy.

When Hearts Collide is an edgy
romance series that keeps you hooked from one page to the next. Filled with a groovy playlist of R&B, Neo Soul, and, of course, brass band music, you will be drawn in to the best new southern love story

Available at Amazon here:

All For the Money by J. Micah
Twin, a notorious hoodlum, receives an offer he can't refuse. While serving a federal sentence, his favorite author (J.
Micah) approaches him with a deal that might change his gruesome past into a New York Times bestseller.

With only 12 weeks to do so, Twin shares every detail of his life to only discover the true meaning of the ripple effect. And as the older folks in history say....."Loose lips....sink ships," but most importantly, how some things should be kept in the dark.

Available at Amazon here:

Addicted to White: The Oppressed in League with the Oppressor by Jerome E. Fox
Is racial oppression addictive? If so, how does one recover? Announcing a new and proven self-help strategy, Addicted to White: The Oppressed in League with the Oppressor by author Jerome E. Fox, Ph.D., that reveals the first step is for the oppressed to break their addiction to the values of the oppressor.
Solution! Solution! Solution! That’s what this book is about.
Not since the transcontinental black freedom movements of the 1960’s has there been a more impactful action plan for uplifting the abused, exploited, and forgotten “targets” of white supremacy!

Is it too late to mount an effective campaign against the spread of racial oppression and the values that animate it? Dr. Fox doesn’t think so—and here he lays out his compelling road map to a successful, happier future for everyone who is willing to stand up and fight back.

Available at Amazon here:

Enjoy the above photos from this year's Festival and be sure to "like" our Facebook page, if you have not already done so. Happy Holidays!

Gwen Richardson
NBBF National Coordinator