NOVEMBER 2019 Edition

Oct. 22-24, 2020 ● 13th Anniversary  ●  Fallbrook Church ● Houston, Texas

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Greetings from National Black Book Festival Headquarters:

The 2019 National Black Book Festival was one of the best ones yet! The featured authors were outstanding this year -- as always -- but so were all of the authors who participated and hailed from more than 25 different states. Besides the opportunity to network and sell books, the authors were able to take advantage of free workshops, the Book Club Meet and Greet, the Black History Trivia Game, the Name That Author Game, and an Author Scavenger Hunt. There are several book clubs that make the National Black Book Festival a definite stop on their annual calendars, and they enjoyed meeting celebrity authors, newly published authors, and identifying new books to purchase and read.

We have already begun making preparations for the 2020 National Black Book Festival which will be our 13th anniversary. The following featured authors are already confirmed for 2020, and we will have several more to add to the roster:

Karyn Parsons (Actress and author)
Brenda Jackson
B. M. Hardin
Marita Kinney

Authors: Registration for the 2020 National Black Book Festival is now open. Register by Nov. 30th and your photo will be included on the NBBF website at no charge. After Nov. 30th there is an $89 photo fee and the registration rate increases. Your final payment of $175.00 will not be due until July 31st. We often sell out of vendor space a month or two in advance of the event, so be sure to put down your $50 deposit to secure your spot and get the cheapest rate. Authors: Register online here.

Book Clubs: Register early for the 2020 Book Festival by sending an email to You receive a FREE listing on the website and you are automatically included in the NBBF Book Club Meet and Greet.

Black Authors Matter T-Shirts are available exclusively from the National Black Book Festival in sizes X-Small to 5XL. These t-shirts make great holiday gift items. Order your t-shirt online HERE:

The Sheraton North Houston will again be the host hotel for out-of-town travelers. Complimentary shuttle service will be provided by NBBF to and from the Sheraton to Fallbrook Church each day. Online hotel registration will be available by February 2020.

Our Children's Festival was a big hit and will be included again next year. It will be held on Saturday, Oct. 24th from 10:00 a.m. to Noon, where children's authors will provide readings, entertainment, free books, and door prizes for children who attend. The coordinators of the Children's Festival are children's authors Pamela Jarmon-Wade, Shelita Anderson and Mary Evans. The Children's Festival is absolutely FREE to the public.

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Gwen Richardson

Gwen Richardson

Yahrah St John

J'Toya Nelson


Therese Taylor Stinson

Avalon Brown


Devin Robinson


Harold Phifer

Gwen Richardson


Best-selling authors Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley
pose with the Our Voices Book Club

Lots and lots of children attended NBBF this year.

Writing legend, Walter Mosley, and urban fiction author extraordinaire, K'Wan,
were all smiles at the 2019 NBBF

NBBF Co-Founder, Willie Richardson, and featured author Joylynn Ross


No Thanks: Black, Female and Living in the Martyr-Free Zone by Keturah Kendrick
Through eight humorous essays, Keturah Kendrick chronicles her journey to freedom. She shares the stories of other women who have freed themselves from the narrow definition of what makes a “proper woman.” Spotlighting the cultural bullying that dictates women must become mothers to the expectation that one’s spiritual path follow the traditions of previous generations, Kendrick imagines a world where black women make life choices that center on their needs and desires. She also examines the rising trend of women choosing to remain single and explores how such a choice is the antithesis to the trope of the sorrowful black woman who cannot find a man to grant her the prize of legal partnership.

No Thanks uses wit and insight to paint a picture of the twenty-first-century black woman who has unchained herself from what she is supposed to be and has given herself permission to be whomever she wants.

Available at Amazon here:

Long Walk Up by Denise Turney
This poignant inspirational story examines the life of a young East African orphan girl pushed into the street after her mother dies. The little girl named Mulukan is only six years old when she is left to her own defenses. Her future appears bleak, a hardened life impossible to turnaround. But, her faith, her spirit to believe, rises up for reckoning.

Long Walk Up is the gripping tale of a young African girl's journey from poverty and despair to her remarkable and triumphant destiny as Africa's first woman president.

Readers who loved The Alchemist, The Prophet and The Audacity of Hope may fall in love with Long Walk Up. Mulukan's story is reflected around the world each day in the eyes, hearts and souls of orphan children who refuse to give up, despite how daunting, merciless and heart wrenching the path. After all, is any life worth giving up on?

Available at Amazon here:

Why Not? Creating Your Narrative
William Upchurch

Why Not?
is a book that aims to assist anyone looking to make progress in life and encourage them to step outside of their boundaries without a notion of fear. It’s not your typical non-fiction novel that drags you the reader through complex theory and philosophical practices. If you're looking to change the theme of your life or in need of refocusing on your goals, Why Not? is the perfect book to ignite your passion.

The author, William Upchurch, his intention is to equip the reader with the confidence to meet life's challenges by sharing his experiences and life wisdom. He addresses the importance of celebrating both successes and failures. William stresses, “Once you learn to celebrate your failures as steps towards success, you will accelerate your achievement and yield the results that you want.”

Available at Amazon here:

Kidz Biz: Children's Book Series by Gwen Richardson
Kidz Biz is a children's book series created by Houston author and entrepreneur, Gwen Richardson. The objective of the series is to plant the seed of entrepreneurship early and watch it grow in the next generation. The books are designed for ages 5 to 8 and each book is only $12.00. The books make excellent gifts for kids and can be purchased as a bundle for holiday gifting.

The three main characters in the series, Daisy, Robert, and Karim, are known as the Kidz Biz Squad. These three neighborhood kids develop witty business ideas to earn money for fun toys, trips, projects, and prizes. Each book in the series covers a different business concept or aspect of running a business. Children who read the books will learn the importance of finances, friendship, and fortitude.

Books 1, 2 and 3 are available now. Autographed copies can be purchased through the author's website and shipped directly to children with a gift card included:

The books can also be purchased at Amazon:

Enjoy the above photos from this year's Festival and be sure to "like" our Facebook page, if you have not already done so. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

Gwen Richardson
NBBF National Coordinator