SEPTEMBER 2018 Edition

Oct. 25-27, 2018 11th Anniversary  ●  Fallbrook Church ● Houston, Texas

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Greetings from National Black Book Festival Headquarters:

It's hard to believe we're only four weeks away from the kick-off of the 2018 National Black Book Festival. Plans for the event, which will be our 11th anniversary, are well underway and our line-up of featured authors for this year is complete. Multifaceted actress, comedian, author, and speaker, Kim Coles, will be a featured author at the 2018 NBBF on Saturday, Oct. 27 @ 3:00 p.m. Kim has delighted audiences all over the world for over 32 years including ground-breaking shows like "In Living Color" and "Living Single." This will be her first appearance at NBBF.

New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey will be featured this year as well on Saturday, Oct. 27 @ 2:00 p.m. Eric joined us at the 2012 NBBF and will return this year. His latest novel, Bad Men and Wicked Women, was released Apr. 17th and we will have copies on hand for purchase and signing, along with some of his backlist titles. Eric's other books include the bestsellers Genevieve, Drive Me Crazy, Naughty or Nice, The Other Woman, and Thieves' Paradise. Eric writes full time and is developing a six-issue mini-series of comic books for Marvel Enterprises featuring Storm (X-Men) and the Black Panther.

Additional featured authors (all confirmed) for the 2018 National Black Book Festival include the following:


Devin Robinson

Gwen Richardson

d. E. Rogers

Arnitress Dowdy

Orlando Ceaser

Gwen Richardson


Steven Barnes

Sat., Oct. 27 @ 4 pm
Tananarive Due

Sat., Oct. 27 @ 4 pm
Michelle Stimpson

Fri., Oct. 26 @ 5 pm
Samuels Young

Sat., Oct. 27 @ Noon

Tiffany L. Warren

Fri., Oct. 26 @ 5 pm

Derrick Barnes

Sat., Oct. 27 @ 10 am

Bestselling author of paranormal and science fiction novels, including Blood Brothers, Lion's Blood, and Twelve Days

Bestselling author of paranormal mystery/ thrillers like My Soul to Keep, The Living Blood, Blood Colony, and The Between

National bestselling, award-winning author of more than 40 Christian fiction novels, including Boaz Brown, Who Killed My Husband? and the Mama B series

Author of the NAACP Image Award winning novel, Anybody's Daughter, and other legal mysteries like Abuse of Discretion and Buying Time

Christian fiction author of bestselling the novels Lies and Alibis, The Replacement Wife, and The Favorite Son

Featured author for NBBF's Children's Festival, and recipient of the 2018 Ezra Jack Keats award/New Writer, and a 2018 Coretta Scott King Award Author Honor

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NEW FOR 2018

Registered Authors: If you have already registered for 2018 NBBF (paid your deposit) and have a photo of you at a book signing, event, standing next to a poster, or holding up your book, we will post it on the NBBF Facebook page (84,000+ fans) and run it as a sponsored ad for two days at no charge. All you need to do is email us the photo, along with a caption and a couple of sentences describing the event or your book. Email your photo to and use "NBBF Author Photo" as the subject. Your photo will be posted shortly after receipt, depending on how many we receive.

Welcome to Houston Reception: For this year's welcome reception we've added the following to the program:
1) Authors who attend will experience a red-carpet moment to kick off the event;
2) We will have live entertainment with a local gospel soloist: Latrina Cook-Garrett (former member of Kirk Franklin and God's Property).
3) Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in our "Black History Trivia Game" and win door prizes.
Tickets for the Welcome Reception may be purchased online here:

Become an NBBF Non-Profit Partner: If you are a member of a non-profit organization, you can raise your group's profile and expose your members to African-American literature by becoming an official Non-Profit Partner with the National Black Book Festival. The benefits are tremendous and the cost is minimal. Details are available online here:  


Event Tickets: General admission (including author exhibits, seminars, and featured author sessions) to the 2018 NBBF is free. However, if you would like to attend our four special events you may purchase a Full Festival Package for only $85.00. The Full Festival Package includes the Welcome to Houston Reception, Get Acquainted Breakfast (Friday), Power Lunch (Friday), and Networking Breakfast (Saturday), all catered by Pappa's Catering, one of the leading regional restaurant chains in the South and Southwest. Deadline for ticket purchase is Oct. 18th. Order event tickets here:

Friday Power Lunch: The NBBF Power Lunch on Friday, Oct. 26th at 12:00 Noon will feature a lunch buffet catered by Pappa's Catering, a keynote address by noted author Victor McGlothin, networking games and door prizes. McGlothin will address challenges authors face and the overall status of the publishing industry. Tickets are only $30.00/person and can be purchased online here:

Book Clubs: Register for the 2018 Book Festival by sending an email to You receive a FREE listing on the website which lets authors know that your club members will be in attendance. This year we will have a special gift for every book club that attends on Friday and wears their club paraphernalia.

The Sheraton North Houston will again be the host hotel for out-of-town travelers. Complimentary shuttle service will be provided by NBBF to and from the Sheraton to Fallbrook Church each day. Online hotel registration is available online here:

Our Children's Festival was a big hit and in 2018 it will be held on Saturday, Oct. 27th from 10:00 a.m. to Noon. The featured author for our Children's Festival will be award-winning author Derrick Barnes. Children's authors with books for all age groups will provide readings, entertainment, gift cards, and door prizes for children who attend. The coordinators of the Children's Festival are children's authors Pamela Jarmon-Wade, Shelita Anderson and Mary Evans. The Children's Festival will be absolutely FREE to the public.



Diondray's Discovery
Marion Hill

A hero’s journey starts with a single step. For some, that step starts on a broken foundation.
Diondray Azur's adventure began when he learned that all he had known about his family—all he had known about his world—wasn’t true at all.

His discovery turned out to be the Book of Kammbi, a book handed down by the ancients. Inside, he read about a long-lost prophecy, which in order to be fulfilled, must be set in motion by the descendant of a great leader.

At first, he doubted the book. Stubbornly so. After all, he’d just had all he’d known about his past blow up in his face as a lie.
Yet, as challenges mount along his journey, signs begin to point to him as the only one who could fulfill those timeworn words.
He would stop at nothing to uncover the truth. What will happen, though, when he does?

Order Diondray's Discovery at Amazon:

Addicted to White: The Oppressed In League with the Oppressor by Jerome E. Fox
Is racial oppression addictive? If so, how does one recover? Announcing a new and proven self-help strategy, Addicted to White: The Oppressed in League with the Oppressor by author Jerome E. Fox, Ph.D., that reveals the first step is for the oppressed to break their addiction to the values of the oppressor.

Solution! Solution! Solution! That’s what this book is about.
Not since the transcontinental black freedom movements of the 1960’s has there been a more impactful action plan for uplifting the abused, exploited, and forgotten “targets” of white supremacy!

Is it too late to mount an effective campaign against the spread of racial oppression and the values that animate it? Dr. Fox doesn’t think so—and here he lays out his compelling road map to a successful, happier future for everyone who is willing to stand up and fight back.

Order Addicted to White at Amazon:  

Merritt Magic by Melinda Merritt
I had the great fortune to have been born into a loving, wealthy, and spiritual family in a small "traditional" Georgia Southern town. The women who raised me had the spiritual gifts and secret ancient knowledge which had come over with the captured Africans. We call these women Sages today. I was trained in many unknown and other worldly knowledge. We knew of the Civil Rights Movement long before it happened. When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. came to our city in the 60's, we were ready to join and assist in every way possible.

The ladies, my grandmother, mother and Maa Dove, never lived under the white man rule. They ruled our world and we were not bothered by the whites in my town.

This book is about the spiritual energy which rules this world and how we can use it to make life better.

Order Merritt Magic at Amazon:

The Curse of the Bailey Women by Zenora Knight
The Curse of the Bailey Women is a fictional tale about a family from a small town, Fort Mitchell, Virginia, who believe all the females born into their family bloodline are cursed because of a generational curse.

From the time Anabay Bailey was knee-high to a duck, her mother, Bet Bailey, drilled into her head that she was cursed.
Anabay has big dreams for herself, far beyond country life in Fort Mitchell. Against all odds and without her mother’s blessings, Anabay leaves town in her early twenties with the love of her life, Claudale Jones, to start their new life together.

Her journey becomes complicated with lies, betrayal, unhappiness, sex, lust and even death. Along the way, she meets other Bailey women who are also dealing with their own scandalous lives. Is it a coincidence or did the curse come home to roost, as her mother predicted

Order The Curse of the Bailey Women at Amazon:

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Gwen Richardson
NBBF National Coordinator